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Our lifters are indispensable in today’s industries, aiding in the movement of heavy materials, the construction of infrastructure, and the efficient operation of warehouses and manufacturing facilities. We offer various forms and sizes, each with its unique capabilities, and essential for improving your productivity while maintaining a strong focus on safety and precision.

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Izzy Cranes supplies the ultimate brands of Forklifts, industrial vehicles with fork-like attachments that can be raised and lowered. We commonly deliver for warehouses, distribution centers, and manufacturing facilities.

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Pallet Jacks

Pallet jacks, or pallet trucks, are used to move palletized loads within a warehouse or distribution center. They are manually operated and equipped with forks to lift pallets.

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Lift Tables

Lift tables, or scissor lifts, have a platform that can be raised or lowered to lift materials to a desired height. They are used in various industries for ergonomic material handling.

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Aerial Work Platforms

We supply the best platforms for elevating the workflow and equip workers with tools to perform tasks at height. We supply from cherry pickers to boom lifts.